Friday, May 29, 2009

Anyone worked at Five Star, Quality Foods, or Public Cash & Carry?

If there is anyone who has worked at Five Star Distribution, Quality Foods Distribution, or Public Cash and Carry; for "Anthony", and is familiar with his new front person "Lynn Murphy". Please don't hesitate to post ur experiences with these scammers here on this blog. I know that 75% of those that have been taken by these people are just embarrassed and frustrated to do anything. Mr. Reza Solhi "aka. Anthony" is now heartlessly making money on the backs of honest, hard working people without paying many of them a single penny! He's had 8 different drivers in 2 mths, and changes sales people and warehouse people every couple of weeks (once they realize what is going on). This man has found loopholes that make him appear to be "above the law", but I refuse to believe that he could be scamming in Canada & USA for almost 15 years, and still be running fraudulent companies that cycle new workers every couple of weeks without paying many of them.